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    Interactive Designer and Developer - AR, VR, Games

    ​Ralston Louie is a VR/AR developer and designer with a passion for creating immersive experiences that explore science, culture, and history. He has spent several years working as a professional developer and designer in the AR and VR industry, and is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Interactive Media and Game Development at USC.


  • Portfolio

    Race Relay

    An interactive 360 experience recreating the real-life story of Tiana Smalls, who stood up to border patrol when they illegally boarded a bus from LA to Las Vegas

    • Designed the user flow and experience
    • Created the gaze-based interactions in Unity
    • Programmed the logic for scenes transitions and playing selected videos
    • Deployed to 50+ Gear VRs for showcase at California African American Museum

    Being Henry

    An interactive 360 experience shot from the eyes of Henry Evans, a mute quadriplegic man

    • Developed 360 video software platform that works across mutiple VR headsets, from Rift to Gear VR
    • Programmed software platform to handle 360/VR content processing and rendering inside Unity engine

    • Available on the Oculus store: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1446566452123631/


    The Price of Freedom

    An interactive, room-scale VR experience for the HTC Vive. You are Agent Zero and your mission is to assassinate a rogue Washington Post journalist. Inspired by the true story of Project MKUltra, the CIA mind control experiments during the 1970s.

    • A top-rated VR experience on Steam, with over 350 reviews and 94% positive rating
    • Designed cinematics and programmed gameplay, including object interactions, locomotion mechanics, animations, and timed events with Unity and C#
    • Available on the Steam store for HTC Vive: https://store.steampowered.com/app/561080/The_Price_of_Freedom/

    Wing Wor

    Time travel from futuristic Hong Kong to an ancient Chinese village

    • Lead Unity developer, game designer, and writer
    • Programmed all the object interactions, gadget mechanics, animations, cinematics, and scene transitions

    • Captured volumetric holograms using Kinect V2 and Mimesys SDK and integrated them into CG environment

    • Collaborated with 3D artist to recreate ancient Chinese village based on real archival photos

    Colosseum VR

    Explore the Colosseum while interacting with users from around the world

    • Created the virtual environment in Unity and built WebVR version using A-frame and React
    • Used A-frame to add and layout all 2D and 3D assets (3D models, 360 videos, photos, etc.)
    • Served as team’s VR specialist, guiding all decisions related to VR design, UI/UX,  content
    • Led 3-person engineering team, carrying out daily standup meetings and sprint check-ins

    Interstellar VR

    Listen to your favorite songs in virtual environments

    • Built the front-end VR environment with A-frame and Angular
    • Queried the Spotify API for each track’s data (MP3 file, album artwork, etc.)
    • Created all API endpoints using a Node/Express server

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